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Different types of RCC fencing poles. / Various designs in RCC fencing poles.

 RCC fencing poles are broadly classified under the following 3 sections.

A.  RCC fencing poles based on their design.

B. RCC fencing poles based on their thickness and shape. &

C. RCC fencing poles based on the size of the opening.

Now, we will observe the different types of RCC poles that come under each of these categories.

A.  RCC fencing poles based on its design: 

 1. Straight type RCC fencing pole:

They are a common type of fencing poles used for general purposes like fencing the plots, open sites, residential buildings, etc. The cross-sectional shape may be tapered, rectangular, or square, but they are straight in their length side without any angular bends.

 2. Bend type RCC fencing pole:

RCC poles are bend at the upper end usually at a 135-degree angle. These types of poles provide extra security as they make trespassing difficult to cross from above.

As you can see in the above fig., 3 nos. of barbed wires are fixed to the pole bend that gives a wider area at the top, making the boundary more secure.

3. Y-type RCC fencing pole:

Y-type designed poles were used for the boundaries of high-security areas like factories, airports, military premises, etc. 

As you can see in the above fig., razor wire fencing is used to fit in the Y-type pole, which helps in controlling the trespassers.

B. RCC fencing poles based on their thickness and shape:

1. Square-shaped RCC fencing pole:

These are the most common type of fencing poles widely used in covering residential plots, agricultural lands, marking boundaries of sites, etc. The ideal square shape is 4"× 4" having a varying length from 3ft. to 7ft. 

2. Rectangular-shaped RCC fencing pole:

Rectangular poles are good at taking tensions, as they are designed similar to the columns. They are good at taking the tension loads of the wires when the wider sides are placed parallel to the wire direction.

3. Tapered-shaped RCC fencing pole:

Tapered-shaped poles are ideal for making the boundaries, where the fencing wire does not exert more tension over the poles. The shape of the pole narrows down at the top, on the two opposite faces of the RCC pole. Due to its tapering shape, they save the extra cost in the materials, and hence they are available at the lower price range when compared to other types of RCC poles.

C. RCC fencing poles based on the size of the opening:

1. Through type RCC fencing pole:

The openings are 1.25" to 1.5" in diameter so that you can pass the fencing wires directly through them. They are manufactured in higher grade RCC to withstand the pulling tension of the fencing wires.

2. Pin type  RCC fencing pole:

The openings are smaller and you cannot pass the barbed wire through them. You have to use pins, hooks, or bolts with nuts to fix the barbed wire to these poles. These pin-type fence poles can be used for electric fencing or for the boundaries where the fencing wires are fixed for the external surface of the pole.

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