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Different types of razor wires in fencing./ Various types of fencing razor wire.

 The razor wires can be subdivided into the following four categories depending upon their application.

1. Concertina razor wire:

Concertina razor wire is a cylindrical type of razor wire loop covering a wider space for extra security. These types of wire loops are used in forming the high and medium security fencing boundaries. Usually, you will find their usage in covering the airport grounds, military areas, chemical factories, etc.

They are twisted and curved to form double layers of protection, that create a high-level barrier for the trespassers.

concertina fencing.

concertina wire loops.

2. Flat wrap razor wire:

The spiral loops formed are flat, which is in line with the boundary fencing. They are usually installed as a top layer of fencing as shown in fig. 

This loop shape makes it difficult for the intruders to jump or to pass through them.

flat wrap razor wire as a top boundary layer.

flat wrap razor wire.

3. Welded razor wire:

The razor wires are welded to form a diamond or square shape as shown in the fig. below. They can be used to replace the welded wire mesh fencing when extra security is needed. The razors in each mesh section intrude all types of animals from entering the premises.

These welded meshes are hooked, pinned, or bolted to the fence posts to create boundaries of the required height.

diamond-shaped welded razor wire.

square-shaped welded razor wire.

4. Straight line razor wire:

They are the basic type of razor wires, where the wires are stretched in a single line as similar to the barbed wires.

These types of wires are used over the boundaries as an extra security layer or for fencing the lands and buildings, where low or medium security is OK to protect them from trespassers.

single-line razor wire.

straight line razor wire over boundaries.


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