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How to calculate the quantity of paint for a room or building. / Calculating the quantity of paint required for a room in liters.

 Let us consider a room of size 14 ft. ×16 ft. having 10 ft. height as shown in the drawing. 

 Here, I have shown the sectional view, by removing the front wall of the room. Let us include that cut wall for the calculation purpose.

Given data:

Front & back walls of dimension = 14 ft.× 10 ft.

Two sidewalls of dimension = 16 ft.× 10 ft.

Ceiling of dimension =  14ft. × 16 ft.

One door of size =  2.5 ft. × 7.0 ft.

One window of size = 3.0 ft × 4.0 ft.

Let us paint this room with a Tractor emulsion of Asian paints. 

The coverage of Tractor emulsion as mentioned by the company is

    Single coat = 260 - 300 sqft. / litre.

    Double coat =130 - 150 sqft / litre.


First, we will calculate the total area of the room that should be painted with Tractor emulsion.

Total painting area of the room

=[{ area of walls} + {area of ceiling } - {area of doors and windows} ]

=[{ 2nos.× side walls + 2nos.× front & back wall} + {1no.× ceiling } - {1no.× door +1no.× window} ] 

=[{2 nos.× 16ft.× 10ft. + 2nos. × 14ft. × 10ft.} + {14ft. × 16ft.} -{2.5ft. × 7ft.+ 3ft. × 4ft.}]

= [ { 320 sqft. + 280 sqft.} + { 224 sqft. } - {17.5 sqft. + 12 sqft.}]

= [ 600 sqft. + 224 sqft. - 29.5 sqft.]

= 824 sqft - 29.5 sqft.

= 794.5 sq ft.

The total quantity of paint required

= [total painting area ÷ paint coverage per liter.]

For a single coat of paintwork

= [794.5 sqft ÷ 260 sqft.]

= 3.05 litres.

For the double coat of painting work

= [794.5 sqft. ÷ 130 sqft]

= 6.11 litres.


1. If you want to calculate the quantity of paint for a building, you have to sum up the total area of the rooms after calculating them individually.

2. After calculating the painting area, check out the coverage area of the specific paint as mentioned by the company.

3. Take the lowest figure of paint coverage area data ( as I did ), so that extra paint if remains will be useful in touchup work after completing the painting job. 

4. There are so many varieties of paints available in the market having their own coverage limit. So, to get the practical results, you count on the coverage of the particular paint that you have chosen, & use that data for the calculation.

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Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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