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How to store cement in the construction site?/ Basic guidelines for the storage of cement.

Let us go through some of the queries, that cover the guidelines & procedures to follow while storing the cement bags on the construction site.

1. What are the points to be considered while storing cement?

1. The cement should be kept in a leak-proof and seepage-proof storeroom.

2. The storeroom should be free from dampness & should be kept dry.

3. Doors & windows of the room should be kept closed & they should not contain any partial openings or holes in them.

4. The stored cement should be covered entirely with plastic sheets or tarpaulins.

5. The cement that comes in paper bags should be kept separately from the cement that is filled in HDPE bags. 

6. The cement should be used on a first come first serve basis.

2. Why do we have to follow some basic guidelines while storing cement?

Cement is a hygroscopic product. That means it absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and undergoes a chemical reaction known as hydration. The reacted cement turns into a hardened mass or you may observe stone-like cement lumps scattered within all parts of the bag where the reaction takes place.

To ensure the quality and safety of the concrete structure, it becomes necessary to follow some guidelines, so that the stored cement remains intact without any compromise in its quality.

3. How to stack cement on the construction site?

1. The cement should be stacked on the wooden plank, which should be at least 6 inches above the floor level.

2. The wooden plank should be covered with tarpaulin or plastic sheets before stacking the cement.

3. The distance between the cement bags and the nearest wall should be at least one foot from each other.

4.  The stack should not be more than 10 cement bags in height.

5. The width of the stacked cement bags should not be more than 10ft. ( 3m ) or 4 bags in length.

6. To prevent air circulation, there should not be any gaps or voids in between the stacked rows & columns of the bags.

7. Prevent unloading & lifting of the cement bags by hooks to keep them moisture-proof.

4. What is the shelf life of cement?

The shelf life of cement is 3 months from the date of manufacture.

5. How to check the quality of cement?

The cement bag comes with all the printed details like Manufactured date, MRP of the bag, Brand name, ISI mark, Grade & type of cement, etc. as shown above. You have to check all these details to ensure the quality of the cement before buying them.

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Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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