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6 amazing digital measuring tools for Civil Engineers./ Different types of digital tools used in civil construction.

Let us now go through 6 amazing digital measuring tools for the construction work to make your site work a lot easier.

 1. Digital measuring tape:

These digital measuring tapes have an accuracy of  ∓ 1mm., with the least count of 0.1cm. They have auto-lock blades with a pressure release button & belt clips, similar to the conventional measuring tapes.  

When you put the tape in the outside measurement mode, the length of the tool is excluded wherein in the inside measurement mode the digital tool length is included in the measurement. The digital reading can be switched to either metric or imperial units.

It has the memory to store the measured units for later calculation.

2. Digital spirit level:

LCD measurement accuracy is ∓1° & vial measurement accuracy is 0.043°. Digital spirit level has multi-function keypads inclusive of calibration & unit conversion functions.

 You can use it to measure inclined angles with beep sound at 0°, 45°, 90°, etc. By pressing the keypad button, you can toggle between degree, percentage, or mm/m display options. 

3. Digital vernier caliper:

 The digital vernier caliper has a least count of 0.01mm with a usual measuring range of 0 - 200mm.

You can use a digital vernier caliper to find the diameter of plumbing pipes, to get an accurate dimension of reinforcement bars, the thickness of MS sheets, etc. on the construction site. 

4. Digital angle finder (goniometer ):

Digital angle finders are made of stainless steel material having a blade lock option for accuracy. 

You can use it to mark the formwork, wood, MS sheets, etc. to the required angle for cutting purposes.

5. Digital level protector:

It has a resolution of 0.1°/0.001%. The digital level protector comes with an accuracy of  ∓0.3°. 

You can use it to find out the degree & percentage of slope in the construction work.

6. Laser distance measurer:

A laser distance measurer is used to measure the distance between the two objects without moving an inch & completing the measuring work within a few seconds.  They come with an accuracy of 1/8th to 1/16th of an inch. 

To understand the laser distance measurer in detail you can read my article Laser distance measurer / Laser distance meter.


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