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Comparing the JCB & manual excavation cost for footing. / Excavation cost of manual versus excavator.

 Let us now compare the excavation cost of JCB & the manual, for the foundation work of buildings.

First, you have to go through the following two articles, for a clear understanding of the excavation cost from these 2 methods. 

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Rate analysis of the JCB excavation for the building footing.

Manual excavation analysis for the building foundation.

The cost of excavating the same volume of earthwork manually & by using JCB are calculated as follows.

   The excavation cost by JCB = INR 3000/-

   Cost of manual excavation = INR 10560/-

Note: The excavation values are from the above linked two separate articles.

From the above-given value, we can say that if the cost of excavation by JCB is INR X/- then the same quantity of work needs INR 3.52X/- if done manually. 

In other words,

Manual excavation of building footing is 3.52 times costlier than the JCB excavation.

So, always go for the JCB, if you want to save money in your allocated budget.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of using JCB for the excavation work?


1. Less excavation cost: 

Excavation work by JCB is cheaper when compared to manual excavation. You can complete the work just by using 30% of the allocated money for excavating manually. 

2. Saves time: 

The work can be completed in very little time. 3 to 4 hours is enough to complete the footing excavation work of residential buildings.

3. Efficient in all types of soils:

 Excavating with JCB is more efficient in hard soil as well as in soft rocks. Excavating manually in such type of soil is a tedious job.


1. More working space: 

We cannot use the JCB in congested places, as it needs some space to work with to install & turn around.

2. Excavates more volume of the earth:

 We need to add the extra dimension in the required size of the footing pit when we use JCB for excavation. The reason is, the bucket of JCB cannot cut the pit in an exact vertical line. Excavation creates a curved soil surface, as shown in the above drawing.  

What are the preparations & precautions to be taken, before excavating with a JCB?  

1. Extra marking

The marking of the footing pit by the addition of 8" to 1ft. extra to its required length & breadth should be done, before the arrival of JCB.

2. Using marker powder :

 Use a line marking powder of good quality to establish the pit excavation size so that, it can be seen easily while carrying the excavation work.

3. Plan beforehand:

Do a good plan of starting & ending point of pit excavation beforehand. Once the excavator comes on your site, every minute of the hour is important as you pay for it. The faster you take the work with the JCB, the more profitable you are.


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