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How to select the best quality cement?/What are the points to be checked before buying cement?/14 things to consider before buying a cement bag.

Following are the 14 points that should be observed, before buying a cement bag.

1. Brand name :

While purchasing the cement, you should always go for the branded cement having good popularity (5 🌟). The branded cement may cost 5 to 15% more, in comparison to other local cement, but they are worth that price as there is no compromise in their quality. Check for the correct spelling of the printed brand name, to confirm the originality of cement bags.

2. Trademark/logo:

All type of branded cement has their unique trademark logo printed on the bag as shown above. Look out for those logos to avoid duplication.

3. ISI mark: 

If the cement bag has no ISI mark (India ) printed over them, then stand apart from such bags to have a longer life span for your construction works. If the manufactured cement bags are not according to the industrial standards compliance( ISI ), don't buy such bags to maintain the quality of construction works.

4. IS code :

While manufacturing the cement, different types of IS codes are followed to meet the required standards. You should check for the type of IS code ( as shown above ), to know the specification & cement characteristics.

5. Grade of cement:

Cement bags are manufactured in various grades like 33, 43, 53, etc. to denote the cement cube strength after 28 days of curing. You should look out for the required grade, that suits your work, to get better results.

6. Type of cement:

Different types of cement are manufactured, to match the type of structural work, working situation, and climatic conditions. Check over the bag, to know the type of cement you are dealing with. 

7. Net quantity/Weight of cement:

The most common weight of cement bags that are available in the market is 50kg. You can check over the bags mentioned as net Qty -50kg., for the confirmation of actual weight. 

The white cement bags are packed in different weights like 1kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg, etc. for purchasers' convenience. Calculating the weight vs price for each type of bag, before buying, helps you to save money.

8. Company address:

You do require the manufacturer's address for communication, in case you have any complaints to register against the dealer or the quality of supplied cement.

9. Use no hooks: 

MS hooks are used by some workers while loading & unloading the cement bags for transportation. Although using hooks make them work fast, these hooks create small openings in the cement bags. You have to look for such openings if any, while buying the cement bags. These openings give a passage for the air to circulate in the bags, which ultimately decreases the cement strength.  Strictly avoid such bags, to maintain the cement standards.

10. The expiry date:  

Cement loses its original strength gradually as the day progresses from its production date. Any bags older than 3 months from the manufactured date are unfit for construction works. So, check the manufactured week and month, to know the expiry date of cement. Always go for fresh cement to utilize its full specified strength.

11. The printed price (MRP ) :

Observing the MRP of the cement bag helps you to know, whether you are paying the right amount of money or the delivered bags are overpriced. 

12. Stitching of cement bag: 

Refilling the cement by mixing it with other components in the factory-made bags can be found by checking the bag stitchings.  To avoid duplicate adulterated cement, check the cement bag stitchings precisely. The restitched bags certainly look different, as they cannot mimic the original factory-made stitching. 

13. Authorized outlet: 

Always, try to buy the cement from the authorized outlet in your locality, to avoid duplication and to get a fresh stock of cement.

14. Lumps in the bag:

If the bags in the godowns are not stored according to the procedure, the cement in the bags may develop tiny grain-like lumps due to the absorption of atmospheric moisture. Press the bag hard and pinch the corner end of the bag with your fingers, to feel the powdery softness of cement. If you feel a stiff bag with grainy feelings, avoid such bags.



1. The printed location of the cement bags are not alike, & they are unique to each brand. For your observation, the MRP & manufactured date of the cement bags of two different companies are shown in checklist no. 10. & 11.

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