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What is shower drain hair catchers or hair strainers?/Different types of drain hair catchers.

 1. What is hair catchers or hair strainers for drains?

The material that prevents the clogging of your drains due to hair accumulation and allows the smooth flow of the water through them is called hair catchers.

The hair catchers are also called by the name hair stoppers, hair drain filters, or hair strainers according to the manufactured type, usage, model & design.

2. What are the different types of hair catchers?

The drain's hair catchers are classified into two main types. They are

1. In drain hair catchers &

In-drain hair catcher.

In drain, as the name suggests, fits inside the drain pipes fully or partially. Before buying the in-drain type hair catchers, you have to check the diameter of your drainpipe, so that the product can be inserted within the drain.

2. Screen hair catchers.

Screen hair catchers.

Screen hair catchers are kept over the existing drain holes to catch the hairs as shown above.

These products are available in different colors, shapes, & sizes to suit the customer's needs.

3. Where we can use the drain hair catchers?

The hair catchers can be used in all types of drains to filter the hairs that otherwise will clog the drain.

The four main locations where we can fit them are, 

1.  Bathroom drain or shower drain. 

2. Washbasin or wash sink drain. 

3. Bathtub drain hole. 

4. Kitchen sink drain.

When we use them in the kitchen sink, they work as strainers, since they filter the leftover organic materials rather than catching the hairs.

4.  What are the different materials used in making shower drain hair catchers?

The three types of materials are mainly used to manufacture drain hair catchers. They are,

1. Stainless steel.

Stainless steel hair catcher.

2. Silicon

Silicon drain hair catchers.


3. Plastic.

Plastic drain hair catchers.

5. Which are the top 3 brands in shower drain hair catchers?

The most popular brand & users choice is, 

1. Lekeye shower drain hair catcher.

2. Tubshroom drain hair catcher. &

3. Oxo drain hair strainer.

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