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What are laterite stone blocks? - Their advantages, disadvantages, price, & size.

 1.  What are laterite stone blocks?

Laterite stones are manual or machine-cut block pieces from quarries or mines containing lateritic crusts.

Laterite is a soft rock composed of iron & aluminum oxides as the main ingredient. Due to the weathering actions, in hot & wet tropical areas, lateritic soil gradually gains strength to become a hard mass. 

These hard layers of laterite are cut into blocks of required sizes & transported for the building construction works.

2.  What are the advantages & disadvantages of laterite stone blocks?


1. They keep the building cool in the summer season as they are quarried natural stones.

2. Laterite stones have good thermal insulation properties.

3. The stone provides a rustic natural look to the building.

4. The stone hardens & gains strength as time progresses.

5. Due to its larger size, it is cost-effective by reducing labor & other material charges.

6. Plastering is not compulsory for laterite masonry works.

7. Environment friendly as they do not emit CO2 & greenhouse gases.


1. The strength of the block is not uniform.

2. Laterite stone blocks are available in limited regions.

3. Stone dressing is needed before masonry work to match the sizes.

4. Laterite stones are avoided in multistory buildings due to their weight & chemical composition. 

3.  How laterite stone blocks are made?

Nowadays, laterite stone blocks are cut by using machines as shown in the image below.

Laterite stone quarry.

The line is drawn on both the axis over the cutting ground & the string is tied as a boundary marker. The machine moves over the railing Patti, cutting the laterite layer in a straight given line. Once the stone is cut as per the required size on both axes, the stone blocks are pulled out by using a spade & pickaxe.

Stone cutting machine.

4.  What is the price of laterite stone blocks?

The rate of laterite stone block ranges from INR 18/- to 30/- depending upon the quality & available region.

  The price of  1st quality stone blocks 👉   INR 25/-  to 30/-

   The price of  2nd quality stone blocks 👉   INR 18/-  to 24/-     

5.  What are the available dimensions of laterite stone blocks?

The laterite stones as such do not come in a defined dimension. 

The size of the laterite stone block varies depending upon the locality, cutting process, & hardness of the laterite layer.

For your reference, I am giving some of the available sizes below.

Standard size 👇

                     12" × 8" × 8"

                     12"× 8" × 9"

                     16" × 9" × 6"

Other sizes  👇

                    12" × 9" × 7"

                    12" × 8" × 6"

                    15" × 9" × 6" etc.

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