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Calculating area & perimeter of land using Google earth pro.

 By using Google earth pro, we can calculate the area & perimeter of land or any structures easily. You can do the calculation within 2 minutes by sitting at one place without visiting the land.

Let us now observe the step-by-step calculation procedure on Google earth pro.

1. Open Google earth pro on your laptop, computer, or on any other device screen.

2. Enter the name & locality of the particular place as shown in the image below.

I have entered the name of Belgavi city of Karnataka state & zoomed the map. Type the locality where the land ( you want to calculate) exists.

3. Zoom until the land or the structure becomes clearly visible.  If you want to save the calculation, enter any name for that land as shown in the image below.

4. Select the polygon symbol & you will find that crosshair will pop out. Cover the area of the land with that crosshair as shown in the image.

5. Select the measurement box and choose any particular units like meter, feet, yard, sqm., sq ft., etc. You will get the calculated length of perimeter & area in that particular unit that you have selected.

6. I have selected the feet & square feet units to know the perimeter & area of the land as shown below.

By following this procedure, you can find out the area & perimeter of any structures, land, plot, etc. within a few minutes.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day😄.


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