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What is an anti- bird net? / What is a balcony safety net?/Anti pigeon net for balconies.

 1. What is an anti-bird net for a balcony?

The net i.e. used to protect the balconies from the entry of birds especially, the pigeon is said to be an anti-bird net.

They are also referred to by the name balcony safety nets or anti pigeon nets. These nets are made of polymer plastic or nylon material. 

You can use these nets to cover any part of the building, like balconies, passages, plumbing ducts, ventilators, etc., to protect them from bird entry. Anti-bird nets can be used to cover the open electrical wiring system so that birds won't get electrocuted.

 Additionally, they act as a balcony safety net by providing protection for the children by falling.

2. What is the available colors of the anti-bird net?

The anti-bird nets are mainly available in 5 colors. They are black, blue, white, red & green.

3. What is the size of the anti-bird net?

The width of the net 👉  1m. to 25m.

The length of the net 👉  5m. to 1000m. or as per your choice.

 The widely available anti-bird nets are usually 10 ft. in height with roped borders. You can choose the length according to your requirement. 

The mesh hole or netted openings may vary from 15mm. to 50mm. in their size. The thickness of the net ranges from 0.5mm. to 5mm.

4. What is the price of an anti-bird net?

Anti-bird nets are available in the price range of INR 4/- to 20/- per sq ft. depending upon the quality, type of material, net openings, & thickness. If you want to purchase them by weight, they are available at INR 400/- to 1000/- per kg.

If you want to purchase them online, these nets are available in different sizes. For your understanding, I have given the link of 3 different sizes of the anti-bird net available on Amazon.

Before clicking, check the length & breadth of your balcony with some extra length for clipping.

1. 20 ft. × 10 ft.

2. 15 ft. × 10 ft.

3. 6 ft. × 10 ft.

5. What is the designs or netting patterns of the anti-bird nets?

The anti-bird nets are mostly weaved in three types of patterns. They are

a.   Square or rectangle patterns.

The mesh openings are square or rectangle in size.

b.  Hexagonal pattern.

The netted openings are hexagonal in their design.

c.  Diamond pattern.

They contain diamond-shaped net openings.

The anti-bird nets are again classified as,

a.  Knotted type 👉    Netted or weaved by knots as shown in the image.

b.  Knotless type 👉    Netted or designed without knots.

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