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Different types of septic tanks based on materials./What are different types of septic tanks?

 Septic tanks are classified into 4 main types based on the materials used in their construction. They are

1. RCC septic tanks.

2. Plastic septic tanks.

3. Steel septic tanks.

4. Fiber-reinforced septic tanks.

1. RCC septic tank:

These are the widely used type of septic tanks due to their added advantages. The heavier structure & tension-taking properties of the RCC septic tank make them fit for all types of weather & soil conditions.

RCC septic tanks are available in different shapes, dimensions & capacities. The most common shapes are rectangular & cylindrical as shown in the images.

Transporting & installation of precast septic tanks need more care while handling them. They are durable, rustproof, & have good chemical resistance characteristics.

They are good at resisting buoyant force acting over them from all sides. 

2. Plastic septic tank:

Usually, polyethylene plastics are used in manufacturing these types of tanks. The plastic septic tanks are lighter in weight when compared to RCC & steel tanks. These tanks are easier to transport & install as they are nearly 3 times lighter than RCC septic tanks.

Plastic septic tanks are rustproof and have good chemical resistance properties. They cost less when compared to all other types of septic tanks. 

The main limitations of these types of tanks are, that they cannot bear the high external pressure exerted over them. You have to avoid using them in collapsible type soft soils, especially in heavy rainfall areas, where there is a continuous flow of water.  

3. Steel septic tank:

Nowadays, steel septic tanks are rarely used due to their high cost & lower life span. They get rusted and fail by creating punctures in the corroded areas.  Due to their drawbacks, steel septic tanks are getting replaced by the other three types.

4. Fiber-reinforced septic tank:

Due to the reinforcement of fiberglass, they are tougher & stronger in withstanding external pressures when compared to plastic septic tanks. Similar to plastic tanks, they are rustproof, waterproof, & lighter in their weight.

Fiber-reinforced septic tanks are easier to handle & install. Comparatively, they cost slightly more than plastic tanks.

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