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What is vinyl flooring?/ What is PVC flooring?

 1. What is vinyl flooring?

The word Vinyl used in flooring is a short form of polyvinyl chloride i.e. commonly known as PVC.  So, vinyl flooring and PVC flooring are made of the same synthetic material. 

These flooring materials are manufactured by rolling the PVC spread, blended with appropriate compounds & colors. 

2. Where we can use vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring can be used in all types of building interiors to cover the flooring areas. The vinyl flooring is used in public transport systems to cover the metallic base. You might have observed in the Indian railways, where vinyl flooring is used as a cover material.

It cannot be used in industrial working areas, as they are not able to resist heat & impact actions.

 3. What are the available types or forms of PVC vinyl flooring?

Vinyl floorings are available in 3 different forms.

1.  PVC vinyl plank flooring:

You will get them in long strip forms, having a narrow size in their widths.

2. PVC vinyl roll or sheet flooring:

They come in rolls similar to carpets.  They don't have grooves or joints as we find them in tiles.

3. PVC vinyl tile flooring:

They are tile-shaped pieces of vinyl flooring similar to ceramic or stone tiles.

4. What are the advantages & disadvantages of PVC vinyl flooring?


1. The installation process is easy in comparison to other types of flooring. 

2. Removing the existing vinyl flooring & reinstalling it with any new design can be done easily.

3. Vinyl flooring can be cleaned effortlessly. 

4. Vinyl flooring needs little maintenance as they have stain-resistant characters.

5. We get a soft feeling while we walk, as they have resilient properties. 

6. In all types of climatic conditions, the surface temperature of the vinyl flooring will be pleasant. 

7. You have got wider options to choose from, as they come in a variety of designs, colors, & patterns.


1. When compared to stone or tile flooring, the life span of vinyl flooring is shorter, i.e. about 10 to 15 years.

2. The color of the vinyl flooring gets faded away if they are exposed to direct sunlight.

3. The vinyl flooring gets damaged if they come in contact with flames or higher temperatures.

4.  The accidental fall of any sharp objects may create dents or scratches over them.

5.  If not installed properly, the vinyl flooring may get peeled off or may open at the joints.

5. What are the points to check or procedures to follow, for the vinyl flooring installation?


1. The base of the flooring area should be even & smooth. If there are any pits or dents over the existing base, they should be filled with suitable resins & grouts.

2. The base flooring should be cleaned properly, & if possible it should be washed to remove all the dirt.

3. The base area should be left to become completely dry, after cleaning.

4. The SR adhesive should be applied uniformly over the base with a trowel.

5. All the doors & windows should be kept open while working, as the adhesive emits volatile compounds.

6. The SR adhesive should be applied over the backside of the vinyl planks or rolls.

7. The PVC vinyl flooring should be installed starting from one end, & care should be taken to match the joints.

8. The joints should be kept in alternate patterns to provide a good grip & look to the flooring.

9. The vinyl flooring should be pressed uniformly by applying hand pressure so that there will be good bonding.

Note: For the self-adhesive type of vinyl material, there is no need to apply glues.

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