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All about precast RCC boundary walls./ What are precast compound walls?

 1. What is a precast RCC compound wall?

The precast compound wall contains two parts. They are column & slab panels as shown in the images. The precast materials are manufactured in the factory or in any production unit. When they are ready, brought to the required construction site or land and installed by assembling them.

2. What are the advantages & disadvantages of precast compound walls?


1. Easy to install

The precast wall manufacturers take care of the installation. So, there is no need to find contractors or laborers.

2. Less time: 

It takes less than 20% of the time to install when compared to brick walls. 

3. Less cost:

When compared to brick walls, a precast boundary wall saves nearly 40% of the total money.

4. Less space: 

The precast slabs are only 2 inches in their thickness. So, the precast wall occupies less space in installation. 

5. Reusable: 

As precast walls are assembled products, you can remove & relocate them whenever necessary.

6. Aesthetic: 

The precast panels can be molded in different colors & designs. You can combine those colors & patterns to enhance the architectural view.


1. Availability: 

The precast production unit may be a far distance from your construction site. They are not readily available in all parts of the region.

2. Handling: 

Utmost care is needed while transporting, loading & unloading these precast products.

3. Retaining earth: 

They are not good at retaining unequal ground pressure during the rainy season.

3. What are the dimensions & specifications of the precast boundary wall?

The length of the precast column may vary from 1500mm. to 2400mm. as shown in the drawing. The columns are 150mm. × 150mm. in their size having slots to hold the slab panels.

The thickness of the slab panels is usually made of 50mm. ( 2") as shown in the below-given drawing. The standard length is kept at 2100mm. ( 7 ft.) having 300mm. ( 1 ft. ) in their breadth. 

The dimension of the precast panel or slab  👉  2100mm. × 300mm. × 50mm.

The shape of the column slot is made slightly tapered. The size of the inner edge of the column slot is kept equal to the slab thickness. The standard width of the slot is made of  60mm. at the outer end & 50mm. at the inner edge. ( as shown in the drawing.)

4. What is the cost of precast boundary walls?

The cost of the precast boundary wall ranges from INR 80/- to 120/- per sq ft. 

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The factors that affect the cost of the precast compound walls are,

1. Its availability & transportation cost.

2. Height & length of the precast wall.

3. Type of pattern, color, & design.

4. Quality & brand value of manufacturer.

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