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What is a wall-hung toilet? - advantages & disadvantages./ What is wall mounted WC.?

 👀. What is a wall-hung toilet?

These are the toilets that are installed or fixed to the wall without touching the floor. The flushing tank of wall-hung toilets is concealed within the wall.

The wall-hung toilets, also known as wall-mounted WC occupy less space. These toilets give an elegant & royal look to your bathroom.

 👀. What are the advantages & disadvantages of a wall-hung toilet?


1. Easier to clean:

As the base of the toilet does not touch the floor, it becomes easier to clean the toilet from all around. This keeps the toilet neat & hygienic.

2. Customize height:

The height of the toilet bowl can be mounted to your comfort. The regular commodes are available in prefixed standard heights. But, in wall-hung toilets, you can install them according to your height & preference.

3. Occupy less space:

The cistern tank & other plumbing accessories are hidden within the wall. The space covered by the toilet pan is limited. 

4. Less noise:

The filling & emptying of water in the cistern after flushing creates negligible noise. The wall blocks the noise created in the flush tank to a greater extent.

5. Easy to operate:

Flushing of water is done by the push-button system as shown in the image.

6. Aesthetic look:

A wall-hung toilet enhances the appearance of the bathroom. They provide a kind of richness & elegant look.


1. Expensive:

When compared to floor mounted type, they are more expensive. The material, as well as the installation process, are costlier.

2. Repairs :

When it comes to repairs, the process is more complex & difficult. Repairing works are more time-consuming, as the assembled parts are hidden within the wall.

3. Preplanned:

Before constructing the house, you have to design the pan mounting wall & size of the bathroom in your house plan. Although you can install them in an already constructed house, the ongoing process is tedious. You have to remove the existing wall part, to conceal the cistern & other working fixtures.


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