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Different ways to make your roof top cool./How to reduce the summer heat by making the roof cool?

Let us discuss the different ways to make our rooftop cooler in the summer season.

 1. Terrace garden: 

Growing our own terrace garden helps us in two ways. You will get fresh vegetables for your daily use & also it reduces the terrace top heating. The plants & the soil surface absorb the sunlight & create a cooler atmosphere.

2. Reflective paint:

As the name suggests, these types of paints reflect up to 97% of the sunlight. The coated layer of the paint reduces the heat penetration from the rooftop, which in turn keeps the interior cooler & comfortable.


3. Creating shades:

You can create shades over the terrace by using different types of materials. Among them, a green shade net is the cheapest & the best option to block the sunlight. You can build a simple fabrication structure for green shade coverings over the roof. 

4. Heat-reflective flooring:

The heat reflective tiles emit the absorbed solar radiation back into the atmosphere. They are lighter in color to enhance the reflection process. These tiles have a solar reflective index value > 90%, which reduces the inner temperature of the building up to a degree of 20%.

5. Solar panel:

Installation of the solar panel acts as a barrier to the sunlight. The larger the area of the solar panel over the rooftop, the cooler will be the home interior.

6. False ceiling:

The false ceiling blocks the heat penetration by creating a layer of voids in between the roof & the room interior. Among them, the thermocol ceiling is the cheapest & the best option to create a cooler & comfortable interior.

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