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How to calculate the shear strength of a soil?


The unit cohesion of soil is 12KN/m² normal stress is 22KN/m². & the angle of internal friction is 32°. Calculate the shear strength of the soil.

Given data:

The cohesion of soil = C = 12KN/m².

Normal stress = 𝝈 = 22KN/m².

The angle of internal friction = 𝜱 = 32°

To find:

Shear strength of soil = 𝞽 =?


Shear strength of soil is calculated by the formula

𝞽 = [C + (𝝈 tan𝜱)]

   = [12 + (22✖ tan32°)]

   = [ 12 + (22✖ 0.6248)]

   = [12 + 13.747]

𝞽 = 25.747 KN/m².


Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day πŸ˜„.


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