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How to calculate the total load over the columns?/ Total load over the columns in a two-way slab structure.

 Let us calculate the total load over the columns as shown below.

Given data:

Height of column = 2.7m.

Sectional dimension of the column = 230mm x 450mm. = 0.23m. x 0.45m.

No. of columns = 4 nos.


Lx /Ly = 4500mm. / 3000mm. 

           = 1.5 < 2.

Therefore it is a two-way slab.

The load distribution of the 2-way slab over the beams and columns is as shown below.

Total load over the columns

= [Self wt. of the column + superimposed load from the beams]


a.) Self wt. of the column

= [(area of cross-section) × density of RCC]

= [ (0.23m. x 0.45m.) × 25 KN/m³]

2.588 KN/m.

Factored self wt. of the column

= [1.5 × 2.588KN/m.]

3.88 KN/m.

Total factored self-wt. of the column

= [ factored wt./m × height of the column]

= [3.88KN/m × 2.7m.]

10.476 KN.

b.) Load transferred from beam to the columns.

From the above drawing, you can observe that the load from beams B1 & B2 are equally distributed to all 4 columns of the structure.

So, the load transferred over an individual column

  = half of the [total load from beam B1 + from beam B2]

  = 1/2 × [ 75.69KN + 40.755KN]

Note: The above values of the load from the beams are taken from the article 👇

👀.  How to calculate the total load over the RCC beam?

 = 1/2 × [116.445]

 = 58.222KN.

Total factored load over the columns

= [Self wt. of the column + load from the beam]

= [ 10.476 + 58.23]

68.706 KN.

= (68.706 × 101.97) kg. 

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Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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