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Different types of kitchen baskets.

The kitchen baskets are broadly classified into 4 main types. They are,

 1. Wire basket:

These baskets are available in 304 & 202-grade stainless steel wires. The thickness of these wires ranges between 3mm. to 7mm. These baskets do not have the provision for inside mats. So, there is a chance of smaller items falling from the gaps. Wire baskets are created in a variety of dimensions to fit according to the customer's needs.

The sliding operation is done by providing normal telescopic channels. 

Wire baskets can support up to 40kg. of weight. The main advantage is, once you open the drawer, all the items are visible & we can pick the one which is needed without disturbing the other.

Wire baskets are further classified into 7 types. To go through them in detail, click here.

2. Perforated basket:

These baskets are specially made for smaller utensils like spoons, forks, knives, etc. We can keep all such smaller utensils conveniently over the perforated base. We can store all types of crockery & cutlery without any fear of breakage.

These baskets are fitted with telescopic slides & under-mount channels.

They are made of stainless steel materials having perforated sheets at the base. The smaller openings at the base are given for the smooth passage of dirt or water.  

3. Tandem basket:

They resemble drawers & are perfect to store all types of items. We can arrange containers, cutlery items, plates, etc. in separate drawers.

They come with a soft close mechanism, which helps in noiseless & convenient operation. 

They have a higher capacity in supporting items, in the range of 35 to 60 kg. The working channels are concealed to provide an awesome look. 

The branded companies provide a warranty of 10 years for these baskets.


4. Legra basket (box):

They are highly functional boxes with partitions for all the items. They are the best choice to store heavier items having a weight of up to 70 kg. 

Similar to the tandem baskets, they work on a soft close mechanism. As there is less room for ventilation, the accumulation of dust particles is minimal. 

They are non-wobbly, noiseless, & work very smoothly.

Legra boxes are more expensive when compared with the SS basket.

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