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Different types of wire baskets used in modular kitchen./Classification of SS wire baskets.

Let us go through different types of Steel wire baskets used in the kitchen.

 1. Plain wire basket:

The plain wire baskets are used to store any kind of kitchen items & stuff. They are multipurpose baskets for all types of kitchen storage needs.
Usually, they are rectangular in shape without any barriers in between. As these baskets do not have any specific purpose, they are the widely used type of basket.

These baskets are available in different dimensions & we can order customized sizes as per our requirements. Due to their simple buildup, they are inexpensive type when compared with other baskets.

2. Cutlery basket:

Cutleries are the smaller items that need to be arranged properly. The SS wires of cutlery baskets are arranged closely so that these items won't fall down. 

Some baskets come with pre-designed barriers to keep all these items separate. Due to these partitions in cutlery baskets, all the items such as knives, spoons, forks, etc. won't get meshed.

Instead of using SS wires, perforated sheets are widely used to make these baskets. Perforated sheets are more safe & convenient to store the items. 

3. Under-sink basket:

While washing the utensils we need soaps, detergents, scrubbers, pads, etc. The under-sink basket helps to arrange them properly beneath the sink area. They are convenient, handy, & time save baskets while cleaning utensils. 

These types of baskets are less seen when compared with other models. But, in reality, they are of greater use for quick work & to avoid messing up.

4. Cup saucer basket:

As the name suggests, these baskets are especially used to keep the cup & saucers. These items need a separate unit as they are usually made of ceramic & glass. 

These items need the utmost care while handling. Therefore, the cup saucer basket comes with different sections to hold them securely by separating them from each other.

5. Dish drainer basket:

 The utensils contain the leftover water after washing them. Dish drainer baskets help to properly drain off water without spoiling the kitchen furniture. They may or may not contain separate sections to place the washed utensils.

Once the utensils get dried up, we can place them in their respective places. Usually, dish drainers come with a bottom tray to collect the drained water. This is a must-keep basket to keep your kitchen dry, neat, & tidy.

6. Thali basket/Plate basket:

Our kitchen contains thalis & plates of different sizes to serve the breakfast & meals. Keeping them in one place makes us serve the food quickly. While serving, we can lift the required size plates as all of them are visibly arranged in different sections. 

Thalis or plates are made of different materials like steel, plastic, ceramic, etc. These baskets help us to keep all of them separately without disturbing the kitchen appearance & discipline.

7. Bottle pull-out basket:

Various food items such as pickles, jams, cold drinks, sauce, vinegar, etc. come in bottles & jars. The bottle basket has enough height to store all of them properly & neatly. 

Glass bottles won't shake & fit perfectly due to the standardized narrow width of the basket to hold them in place.

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