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Different types of concrete block making machines./Classification of cement block making machine.

 Let us go through the different types of concrete block-making machines.

A. Manual block-making machine:

In this type of machine, one or two blocks can be made per stroke. The compression of the block is achieved manually by the lever action. Steel or wooden pallets are used in making the blocks.

We cannot achieve the required compression, as these machine does not contain a vibrational platform for the material compaction. 

Capacity 👉 250 -300 blocks/shift.

B. Mechanical/Electrical block-making machine:

1. Auto ramming block-making machine (semi-automatic):

Auto ramming machine produces two blocks per stroke. Similar to the manual type, wooden or steel pallets are used in making the blocks.
This machine contains two separate motors for the vibration & compaction of blocks. They are stationary type of machines & they need bolting or concrete foundation for their base.

Concrete material of the required proportion is prepared in a mixer & they are poured into the block molds. After the vibrational action, the material in the block mold was rammed 30 to 40 times to achieve compaction. 

Capacity 👉  400 to 550 blocks/shift.

2. Egg-laying type block-making machine (automatic):

This is the most common & widely used type of block machine. Instead of pallets, this machine needs a concrete platform to produce the blocks. This machine makes 5 to 7 blocks per stroke depending upon the size of the block.

The ramming action is done by a hydraulic system. They contain wheels to move over the platform in forward & reverse directions. After the production of 5 blocks/stroke, the molds were lifted by a hydraulic lever. The machine is moved forward & the molds are brought down to settle over the PCC platform to continue with the next cycle.

Capacity 👉  800 to 1000 blocks/shift.

3. PLC controlled block making machine (fully automatic):

The block-making process is PLC controlled for all the operations. The material is directly fed into the mixing chamber through the conveyor. 
In the production process, this machine consumes the raw material as per the requirement. The pallets are auto conveyed & stacked one over the other.

Capacity 👉  5000 to 8000 blocks/shift.

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