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Different types of gates based on their functions & operations./Classification of building gates.

Let us go through different types of gates based on their functions & operating method.

1. Swing gate: 

These gates contain vertical hinges & hooks at the pillar end for the swinging action. The swing gate needs enough space on either side of the entrance for its opening. 
We can operate these gates with remote control, by fitting an automatic gate opener device. 

2. Sliding gate:

These gates move horizontally on a track installed over the floor surface. The gate contains wheels at the bottom to move over the track. The track should be kept free from debris for easy movement of the gate.

 The opening area is not needed for sliding gates & they are ideal for places that don't have enough space for swinging action. They are easy to operate, as the load is directly transferred to the ground track. 

3. Vertical pivot gate:

The free end of the gate is lifted in the air for the public & vehicles to pass through. The sensor detects the moving object & opens automatically by mechanical action. 

They do not need extra space as they only move in the vertical direction. They are expensive types of gates but are useful for the unmanned closure of the access point.

4. Turnstile gate:

Turnstile gates are used to control the access of pedestrians. It is a one-way type of gate, allowing one person to pass at a time. These gates are used to restrict the passage for scanning or to allow people who have tickets or a pass.

These gates are used as entry points to a public transportation system or in sports events.

Nowadays, turnstile gates were incorporated with biometrics, retina scanning, & fingerprints for the grant of access.

5. Retractable gate:

This gate contains wheels at the base to move in either direction when the gates are folded. The cross-linked panel sections help to fold them into parts for opening & closing action.

They can be manually or mechanically operated. These gates are detachable types when not necessary & can be stored.

6. Automatic gate:

These are the power-operated gates that can be opened by remote control. This gate is highly secured, as it grants access to those who have an entry code or remote control.

Automatic gates are best suited for industrial units to allow access to employers & to cut down the entry of strangers.


7. Revolving gate:

You will find such types of gates in the zoo, parks, & in some public places. They help to ban the entry of animals. 
These gates can be revolved in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction for inward & outward movement. The central pipe body is fitted with bearings & shafts for the 360° rotation.

8. Barrier gate:

They contain horizontal channels or fabricated pipes installed over a single pillar. Barrier gates are raised or lowered to control traffic movements.
These gates are usually found at the controlled access areas to block the movements for checking purposes. 

9. Collapsible gate:

The channel patties are riveted at the junctions for the scissor-like movements.  When the gate is pushed sidewards, diamond-shaped openings within the gate will collapse. 

The gates are made having two-fold movement on either side or single-fold opening at any one side of the compound wall.

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