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How to calculate offset bend of reinforcement bar for 1:6 slope in column?

 In multi-storeyed buildings, the size of the column will be reduced when we move on to the upper floors.

The column width will be reduced from one side & the rebar needs to be bent at the specified slope.

Let us now calculate the length of the bent-up portion & offset of the bend for the following drawing.

Given data:

Depth of the beam = 500mm.

Rebar slope =1:6


Let us observe the following drawing for calculation purposes.

The 1:6 slope means, for every 6 units of the vertical length of the bar, the offset will be 1 unit.

Therefore, the formula will be

AB / BC = 1/6 

AB / 500 = 1/6

AB = [1/6 х 500]

AB = 83.33mm.

So, we can provide an offset of 83.33mm. for the bending of rebar.

Length of AC = √ AB² + BC²

                      = √ 83.33² + 500²

                      = √ 6944 + 250000

                      = √ 256,944

           AC     = 506.9mm.

Length of the bent-up portion of rebar = 506.9mm.

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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