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How to calculate the painting area of collapsible gate?/How to measure the painting area of collapsible gate?

 The collapsible gate contains openings in between the grills when they are closed.

 Now the question is, how we can find out the total painting area for billing, estimation, or for painting purposes.

As per IS:1200 -1987, we can find the painting area of the collapsible gate by multiplying the total size of the opening with the coefficient factor of 1.5 (observe below).

Now, let us go through the area calculation procedure for the collapsible gate, as shown below.

Given data:

Height of the gate = 2.5m.

Width of the gate = 4.5m.

Multiplying factor = 1.5 ( as per IS:1200- 1987)


Area of the collapsible gate opening

= [height ✖  width]

= [2.5m. ✖ 4.5m]

= 11.25 m².

The total allover painting area

= [area of the gate ✖  multiplying factor]

= [11.25 m² ✖ 1.5]

= 16.875 m².

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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