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How to use tube level for transferring level?/How to transfer level using water level pipe?/Points to be known before using water level pipe.

Now, let us go through some of the basic queries regarding tube levels as given below.

 1. What is a tube level?

Tube level is a transparent plastic tube filled up with clean or colored water. Usually, the diameter of the water level pipe is 6mm. to 7mm. (1/4th inch).

 The length of the tube can be chosen according to our needs. Mostly, the ideal length will be in the range of 5m. to 15m.

They are used to transfer the vertical level from one point to another. 

2. What is the basic principle behind tube level or water level pipe?

The water has a tendency to stay at the same level in a horizontal plane. So, when we fill a tube with water, the surface of the water will rest at the same level. 

When we carry the two ends of the pipe at a larger distance, the level of water won't change regardless of changes in the ground level. We can transfer a particular level from one point to all over the construction site by taking advantage of this principle.

3. What are the points to be checked or followed before using the water level pipe?

1. The plastic tube should be transparent in its appearance. This provides us a clear view of the top surface level of the water without any difficulty.

2. If the water level pipe is dusty, or if the water visibility is low, we should add a tinted color to the water, to form a colored solution. The colored water provides good visibility to mark the required levels. 

3. When we fill the tube with water, we should take care that the filled water should not contain any air bubbles. If it contains any bubbles, they should be removed by gently tapping the tube with the fingers.

This is necessary as air bubbles do not allow the top level of water to be settled in the same horizontal plane.

4. The tube should not contain any twist or fold in its total length. Before filling the tube with water, stretch the tube by pulling its two ends to make them uniform & straight. 

5. The tube should not be completely filled with water. One to two feet of the tube should be left empty on both ends. This avoids overflow of water while we move by holding the tube in our hand.

 This procedure also provides a free space for water for its vertical movement, before settling at the same level.


4. What is the procedure to transfer the level by using a tube level?


1. Before starting the level transfer work, the two ends of the tube level should be held together to check the accuracy of the level of water. There should not be any mismatch in its top surface level.

2. This job needs two no. of persons for the transfer of the level. One end of the level tube is kept over the surface that already contains established level markings. The other end should be aligned with the surface where the level needs to be transferred.

3. The 1st person shall move the tube up or down so that the water level within the tube will fall in line with the established marking.

4. Once the water level settles in line with the given level marking, the second person at the other end will transfer the water level over the surface. The marking should be done only when the water stands still without any movements.

5. Now again, the 1st person comes at the 2nd person's position to align the water level with the transferred level. The 2nd person moves forward to that position where a further transferring of level is needed.

6. This process will be repeated until all the required level markings are established over the surface of the object. 


 The tube openings at both ends should be closed with the fingers (by both persons) while moving from one position to another. This prevents overflow of water as we cannot maintain the same level while we are walking.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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