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What are automatic water level controllers?/Significance of water level controller.

Let us go through, some of the FAQs related to automatic water level controllers as follows.

1. What are automatic water level controllers?

They are electronic devices having various sensors to monitor & control the water level in the tank. They automate the entire process of refilling water when the level drops below a certain level.

 It regulates the working of water pumps by switching them on & off to maintain the required water level.

2. What is the working principle of a water level controller?

The controller contains various sensors or probes fitted at pre-selected water levels. When the water goes below the pre-decided level, the probe triggers the led light on the control board. They send a signal to turn on the pump to refill the water to the pre-programmed level. Once the water reaches the required level, the probe fitted at that level transmits a signal to switch off the pump.

In this way, the multiple sensors or probes installed at the overhead as well as the sump tank monitor the water level & refilling is done automatically. 

3. Why we should use a water level controller?

Let us go through some of the points to understand the significance of water level controllers.

1. Completely automatic:

Pumping & filling the water tank is a daily routine of work that needs human supervision. Automatic water level controllers do this job without any human intervention.

2. Saves time:

They save our supervision time & we can utilize those hours for some other work.

3. Reduces wastage:

 When we manually fill the water tank, we keep the overflow pipe as an indicator to switch off the pump. By using water level controllers, the pump is switched off before the overflow & hence reduces the wastage of water.

 4. Motor life:

Water level controllers are enabled with dry run protection features. They sense the level of water in the sump tank, & switch off the pump when the level drops below 10%. This protects the pump from dry runs & enhances the life of the motor.

5. Shows present water level:

 The indicators provided over the controlling panels show us the present level of water. So, there is no necessity to open the tank lid to check the level. 

4. What are the points to be known before buying water level controllers?

⬥. Type of sensor:

 Two types of sensors are used to fit into the devices. They are,

Non-contact type sensors &

Contact type sensors.

The device having a universal sensor supporter is the right choice to be compatible with all types of sensors.

⬥.  Water quality:

The presence of salts & organic matter affects the efficiency of sensors. Beforehand, we have to check the quality of water to select the right type of controlling system.

⬥.  Device features:

The water level controllers come with different features such as dry run protection, glow light indicator, manual to auto changeable switch, etc. Study your requirements & install the proper device.

 ⬥.  Power consumption:

The power consumption of the motor should be compatible with the prescribed load of the water level controllers. Otherwise, it may disrupt the functioning of the device.

  ⬥.  Switches & connectors:

Check the certification & quality of the switches & connectors. If any one of them fails, it takes down the working ability of the entire system. The ampere ratings of all items should be checked, as they play a vital role in the efficiency & smooth running of the controller.

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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