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How to calculate the shuttering area of columns?

 The shuttering area of a column is calculated by the formula 

= [perimeter х height]

Mostly, we use columns of 3 different shapes in the construction field. They are rectangular, square, & circular.

The formula to calculate the perimeter of these 3 shapes differs from one another.

Now, let us look into 3 different shapes & their formula.

1. Square shape:

Perimeter = [4nos. х sides]

                 = [4 х S ]

Where, S = sides of square column section.

2. Rectangular shape:

Perimeter = 2nos. х [length + breadth]

                  = 2nos. х [ L + B]

Where, L = sectional length of the column

            B = sectional breadth of the column.

3. Circular shape:

Perimeter (circumference) = [ 2πr ]

Where, r = radius of the circle.


Find the shuttering area of the below given rectangular column.

Given data:

Height of the column = 3m.

The breadth of the column = B = 230mm.= 0.23m.

Length of the column = L = 350mm. = 0.35m.


The shuttering area of the column

= [(perimeter ) х height]

= [(2nos. х [ L + B]) х height]

= [(2nos. х [ 0.35m. + 0.23m.]) х 3m.]

= [(2nos. х [ 0.58m.]) х 3m.]

= [1.16m х 3m.]

= 3.48 m²

Thank you for going through these calculation steps. Have a good day 😄.


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