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What are dimmable LED lights?/Dimmable LED bulbs.

 1. What are dimmable LED bulbs?

The LED bulbs whose brightness can be adjusted to our most comfortable level are known as dimmable LED bulbs.

The brightness of the bulb is in our control, & we can set it at any required lumens, by turning the knob of the dimmer switch.

2. Can any LED light be dimmable?

NO. All LED bulbs are not compatible with this technology. It needs an inbuilt feature to work with a dimmer switch. Otherwise, the bulbs will only flicker & it may cause damage to the circuit.

The dimmable drivers within the dimmable bulbs are made to handle the drop in current. 

The drivers within the non-dimmable bulbs are good to work with two positions of switch, i.e. on & off. The dimmer switch may overload these bulbs & eventually, the LED driver of the non-dimmable bulb may fail.

So, you have to go for the bulbs mentioned as dimmable for a better lifespan & to save energy.

3. What is the difference between dimmable & non-dimmable LED bulbs?

In dimmable LED bulbs, the brightness can be adjusted as per our requirements.

 For eg: If we are reading books we can turn the dimmer switch for more brightness, whereas while watching movies, to get a good experience, we can dim the LED brightness.

In non-dimmable LED bulbs, the lumens or brightness will be the same. We cannot control the level of brightness.

Dimmable bulbs are expensive when compared to regular bulbs due to the added features.

4. Do dimmable bulbs save energy?

Dimmers use a triac switch that turns on & off at about 120 times/sec. This is perceived as a constant flow of light by our eyes. This circuit reduces the flow of energy to the light bulbs. This acts as a power saver & enhances the efficiency of the bulb.

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