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Calculating the volume of cement bags in cubic meter, cubic feet, & in liters.

Cement bags

As you know, the density of cement is 1440 kg/cum.

The weight of one bag of cement is 50 kg.

From density, we know that 1440 kg of cement will be one cum. by volume.

To get the volume of 1 bag of cement in cum., we will divide 50kg. by the density of the cement.

        i.e.        50 kg ÷1440 kg/cum.
                    = 0.03472 cum.

Since 1 cum. is equal to 1000 liters,

The volume of one bag of cement in liters

                 =      34.7 liters.

Similarly, the volume of cement bags in cu.ft.

               =   1.226 cu.ft. 

(as 1 cum. =35.315 cu.ft.).

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