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Different types of fencing wires./ What are the different types of fencing mesh & wires?

 Now, let us go through the different types of fencing wires & fencing wire mesh that we can use in fencing the boundaries.

They are,

1. Barbed wire :

The fencing wires have barbs at regular intervals as shown in fig. Barbed wires are available in different types and designs, having varying thicknesses and spacing of the barbs and wires.

Barbed wire.

2. Razor wire:

Razor wire contains sharp blades instead of pointed arrow-like barbs, to provide extra security from intruders. They are bundled into different forms and shapes as per their positioning in boundary fencing & applications.


Razor wire.

3. Chain link mesh:

The wires are twisted, turned, and passed through one another to form a mesh. By removing or adding one twisted wire from the mesh, you can extend or break the mesh length as per your requirement. These twisted wires form a diamond shape when they are linked & installed in the boundary fencing.

They are available having a different wire diameter & with different types of protective coatings.

Chain link mesh.

4. Welded wire mesh:

They are manufactured by machine welding, forming different design patterns like square, rectangular, diamond, woven, etc. You have to use bolts, pins, and hooks to anchor them for the non-metallic fence posts & you can weld them directly to the iron or MS posts to provide non-removable type boundaries.  

Welded mesh boundary.

    Based on the coatings:

1. Vinyl-coated fencing wires:

Vinyl coating over the wire.

The polymer materials used for coating may be PVC or UPVC. They give robust protection against rusting from external weather conditions.

PVC-coated wire mesh.

2.  Galvanized fencing wires:

The fencing wires were galvanized by providing a protective zinc coating over the surface. The most common way to coat is hot-dip galvanizing where the fencing wires are submerged in hot molten zinc.

Zinc-coated wire mesh bundle.

3. Galfan-coated wires:

Zinc and aluminum alloy is coated over the fencing wires to provide excellent protection against rust. This is the new method of wire coating, that has more advantages when compared to traditional zinc coatings. Some companies name them ZA-coated wires instead of Galfan wires.

Galfan-coated wire bundle.

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