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What is the installation procedure of precast boundary walls?

 Now, let us go through the installation procedure of the precast compound wall of 5 ft. height.

👀. Procedure:

1. You have to mark the centerline of the boundary wall with lineout powder or marker.

2. Footing excavation for the erection of columns should be done at regular intervals as per the length of the slab panel.

3. Footing pit of dimension 450mm. × 450mm. × 600mm. should be excavated as shown in the drawing.

4. Precast column should be erected and all the columns should be aligned using lineout string & pendulum.

5. Concrete of M20 grade or above should be used to cast the footing of the column.

6. After installation, the column should be left at least for one day for the setting of the footing.

7. Precast slab panel should be assembled in the column slots, one above the other, to the required height.

8. The curing of the column foundation should be carried out to complete the curing period as required.

👀. What are the precautions to be taken before installing the precast compound wall?

1. The precast compound wall should not be used as a retaining wall in unequal ground level. The slab panels are not designed to sustain the horizontal force acting over them.

2. In black cotton or a similar type of soil, the wall may lean losing its verticality. Proper care should be taken while casting the column foundation or footing in such low-bearing capacity soils. 

3. It is better if you avoid taking the precast column support for the erection of other structures like garages, outhouses, parking roofs, etc. The angular load of the roof of such structures may cause the failure of the precast compound wall.


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