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How to calculate distance & area of land using Google earth pro?/ Calculating distance & area on the map.

 Let us now calculate the distance & area of land using the ruler symbol on Google earth pro.

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Part 1: Calculating area & perimeter of land using Google earth pro.

as this is the continuation of part 1.

1.  After step no. 3 in part 1, select the ruler symbol as shown in the image below. Under ruler, again you have to select polygon in the white table as shown. A square box with a crosshair will pop up. 

2. Mark the boundary of the land with the crosshair box as shown below. Double-click at the endpoints to complete the boundary marking.

3. You will get the perimeter & inner area of the marked boundary as shown below. Select the units as per your requirement.

4. To calculate the distance between any 2 given points, you have to select the path under the ruler symbol as shown below. I have measured the distance of the diagonal of land under the path.

5. The calculated length is displayed in the units you have selected as shown below.

By using this method, you can calculate the distance of land or objects from any given locality.

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