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Different types of gates based on materials./ Classification of compound wall gates.

Let us go through the different types of gates based on the materials used in manufacturing them.

1.  MS gate:

This is the most common type of gate, widely used all over the world due to its versatility. These gates are made in numerous designs & patterns by using various types of MS materials such as pipes, channels, bars, angles, sheets, etc.
Any local fabricator can make customized gates as per your requirements.
MS gate needs seasonal painting works to avoid rusting.

2. Wrought iron gate:

Wrought iron gates are made by utilizing prefinished foundry materials for the design requirements. These gates look beautiful due to the decorative & ornamental components of wrought iron.

3. Stainless steel gate:

The stainless steel gate provides a shiny & rich look to the building. In the construction industry, 304 or 202-grade steel is used for manufacturing these gates.

When compared to MS gates, they are expensive. But they don't need yearly maintenance & painting.

4. Wooden gate:

If the entrance needs the traditional look, these gates are the better choice. The wood needs protective sealing at regular intervals for its longer life span.

5. Aluminum gate:

You may find aluminum gates in the compound walls of industrial units, storage sheds, godowns, etc. As aluminum is a lightweight material, we can manufacture such gates with more heights to provide the required privacy & security.

6. Vinyl gate:

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic, made of ethylene & chlorine. These gates do not need painting & can be cleaned easily. 

There is no limit to the design possibilities, & customized gates are available having needed measurements, styles, textures, colors, etc.

7. Polycarbonate gate:

Polycarbonates are thermoplastic polymers having carbonate groups as chemical structures. These materials have good impact resistance properties. These gates provide a look-through view when we install a transparent polycarbonate sheet.

8. Composite material gates:

Two or more materials are used in making such types of gates. Outer frames are made of any metals & the inner body is built with different materials such as FRP, polycarbonates, polyvinyl, etc.

The metal provides needed strength & stability, while the inner material helps to beautify the gate.

9. Bamboo pole gate:

You will find such types of gates in farmhouses, restaurants, public parks, jungle resorts, etc. A bamboo gate gives a natural look to the entry point.

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