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What are tile spacers? - Uses of tile spacers.

Now, let us go through some of the FAQs related to tile spacers.

 1. What are tile spacers?

Tile spacers are T-shaped or plus-shaped products, made of plastic materials. As the name suggests, they are used to maintain the consistent gap between the tiles at the installation joints.

The spacer helps in achieving a uniform finish when we grout the tiles.

2. What are the available sizes of tile spacers?

Tile spacers are available in 9 different sizes. They are

1mm., 1.5mm., 2mm, 2.5mm.,  3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, & 10mm. The sizes are nothing but the thickness of the spacers that provide the required gap.

 Generally, 2 mm. to 4 mm. spacers are used while installing the tiles. But from the aesthetic point of view, larger sizes are also used as recommended.

3. Where & what size of tile spacers should I use?

Tile spacers can be used when we install both the floor tiles as well as wall tiles.  

The minimum recommended spacing for

 Wall tiles   👉 2 to 3mm.

 Floor tiles 👉  3 to 5mm.

4. What are the advantages & disadvantages of using tile spacers?


1. Uniform gap:

Spacer creates a uniform gap between the installed tiles. By keeping the tiles in the required alignment, they provide an aesthetic appearance to the room. 

2. Thermal expansion:

Due to the varying thermal conditions, the tiles will expand & contract. The tile spacer helps to create the recommended gap to match the thermal properties of the tiles.

3. Consistent finish:

They help in the even filling of the grout, forming a consistent & leveled top finish.  

4. Hiding the defects:

If the thickness of the tiles is not uniform, we can hide those defects within the grouting width. The ups & downs at the tile edges can be effectively covered within the spacer joints.

5. Easy repair:

If a particular tile is broken, it is easier to remove that individual tile without disturbing the surrounding tiles. 


1. Skilled worker:

  The installation & removal of the spacers at the given time needs a trained & experienced worker.

2. Expensive:

The gap created by the tile spacer needs a more grouting material to fill up the joints. When compared to the paper joints, grouting material adds to our installation cost of spacer joints, making it more expensive.

3. More time:

Extra time is needed for fixing & removing tile spacers. When compared to paper joints, grouting & finishing the gap also consumes more of workers' time. 

5. After what time we should remove the tile spacers?

Tile spacers should be removed after the completion of the initial setting time of the grout. Or we can say that the correct time to remove tile spacers is between 20min. to 30mins. 

If we leave them too long they will get stuck within the grout, which creates removal difficulty. If they are removed before the setting time, the tile may shift or may lose its alignment. 

 6. What is the cost of tile spacers?

The cost of tile spacer packet containing 100 pieces 👉  INR 100/- TO INR 250/-

Thank you for going through this article. Have a good day 😄.


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