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What are floor protection sheets?/Floor guard sheets./Floor covering sheets.

1.  What are floor protection sheets?

The sheet material used to guard all types of floorings & tiles against scratch or attrition during the construction project is said to be floor protection sheets.

In the earlier days, POP or newspaper was used to cover the floors, to prevent any damage. Nowadays, different types of floor guard sheets are available, that we can select as per our specifications.

They are easier to install & they keep a clean working space.

2. What are the benefits of floor protection sheets?

◆. Reusable:

These sheets can be removed & reused several times for different construction projects. The lifespan of the floor guard sheets depends upon their thickness & quality.

◆. High impact resistance:

When we do repair & innovation work of building, there is a chance of falling of heavier materials over the flooring. Floor guard sheets can withstand the impact of fallen materials to a higher degree, & thus protects valuable floorings.

◆. Easy to install:

Sheet installation does not need any skilled workers. After rolling the sheets over the flooring, the joints are taped to secure their position. The installation process for the entire building can be completed within a few hours.

◆. Clean working space:

Using POP as a floor protector creates dust & dirt in the interior. On the other hand, floor guard sheets form a hygienic & clean environment within the building.

◆. Easy to cut & fold:

They can be cut at any required length & can be folded with a bare hand to protect the skirting area.

◆. Cost-effective:

 They are reusable materials & can be installed very easily. The flooring does not lose its fresh appearance when we cover them with these sheets. All these factors make them cost-effective & must-buy items.

3. What is the price of floor protection sheets?

The cost of the floor protection sheet depends upon its

⬣. Thickness.

⬣. Type of material.

⬣. Brand & quality.

⬣. Length & breadth of the roll.

Considering all these factors the price of the sheet ranges from INR 3/- to INR 15/- per sq. ft.

4. What are the factors that affect the selection of floor protection sheets?

⬣. Floor price:

The cost of the installed flooring which we intend to protect becomes one of the main factors to select the type of sheets.

 Suppose, if the cost of the flooring is INR 30/- per sqft., then there is no logic in providing the sheets having a cost of about INR 15/- per sq ft.

We can go for the good quality sheets if the cost of installed flooring falls in a higher price range.

⬣. Working period:

If the interior working period is of shorter duration, we should not invest more money in buying floor sheets of greater thickness.

The cost of the floor guard sheets should be directly proportional to the duration of the construction work.

⬣. Type of work:

If the interior work involves heavier items, we should install higher-thickness sheets. Electrical & painting works do not need branded sheets for floor protection.

⬣. Type of building:

In residential buildings, we select the smaller size floor guard sheets that fit well into the individual room space. For commercial & public buildings we choose the sheets in roll form.

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  1. Keep in mind that using appropriate floor protection demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a clean and well-maintained environment, which can be especially important for businesses and events.



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